Boston Roadways and You


If you’re new to Boston getting around will likely take some getting used to. That’s because Boston roadways were initially not well planned. The reason for this is disputed, but some claim it is because the roads were originally built from ancient cow paths. Many of the roads in Boston are one-way and the names of the street keep changing while others even share names. So if you’re a new comer to Boston it is advisable that you use a GPS or plan your route out beforehand.

Many of these problems were at least partially alleviated through the construction of the Big Digs Zakim Bunker Hill bridge. It is considered to be the most expensive road project ever coming in at approximately $14 billion. Its construction took place from the 90s to early 00s and made getting around Boston quite a bit easier.

But with all of that said, Direct Auto Transport is still the best way to move your car in or out of Boston. We’re a national car transportation who is intimately familiar with the highway and byways of all major cities, one-way street and all.

So if you’re looking for car transportation that’s reliable and cost effective then look no further than Direct Auto Transport. We offer open or closed car transportation. And we can deliver your car right to your doorstep or to a conveniently located shopping center or transportation hub if that’s not possible.

Mileage from Boston to other major cities:

Boston to Dallas: 1,766.7 mi
Boston to NYC: 214.8 mi
Boston to Jacksonville: 1,149.4 mi
Boston to Chicago : 982.1 mi
Boston to Philadelphia: 306.6 mi
Boston to Columbus: 774.3 mi
Boston to Atlanta: 1,099.9 mi
Boston to Detroit: 705.4 mi
Boston to Norfolk: 705.4 mi
Newark to Boston: 223.4 mi
Boston to Seattle: 2496 mi.
Phoenix to Boston: 2293.45 mi.
Boston to Charlotte: 863.4 mi
LA to Boston: 2,990 mi

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