Direct Auto Transport: Let Us Take The Stress Out of Detroit Car Transportation


Transporting vehicles from Detroit, Michigan to other parts of the country such as Charlotte or Seattle can be expensive, time consuming and add a bunch of miles to your vehicle. For an example, the distance from Detrout, Michigan to Seattle is over 2,400 miles and could take approximately 38 hours driving, without stopping for sleep or food. This isn’t even to mention the cost of good, overnight lodging and food. This is why the logistics of moving your car from Point A to Point B can be frustrating. If you are moving because you need a change or scenery, or just leaving because of a job transfer, hire a professional car transporter to get your car where it needs to be.

The first thing you do when you’re thinking of shipping a car is filling out a quote form with your personal information, starting/ending destination and car details. If you have special needs like, for instance, you have an antique or classic car which requires enclosed transport, it would be easier just to call.

From there it is important to clean the interior and exterior of your car before we arrive to take it away. Then you will have to carry out an inspection with one of our drivers where you inspect the car or truck inside and out, taking notes of any damages the car has. This inspection will be repeated upon the car’s arrival. These inspects are carried out for your protection and will determine whether or not any damage was sustained during transit.

Car transportation is easy when you work with a professional like Direct Auto Transport. For instance, moving a car from Detroit to Phoenix, a total distance of almost 2,100, is a simple task. With years of experience, and a superb customer satisfaction record, you and your car is in great hands.

Additional mileage numbers from Detroit to other major cities:

Detroit to Dallas: 1,194 mi.
Detroit to NYC: 614.3 mi.
Detroit to Jacksonville: 1,011 mi.
Detroit to Chicago: 282.8 mi.
Detroit to Philadelphia: 583.7 mi.
Detroit to Columbus: 202.7 mi.
Atlanta to Detroit: 722.8 mi.
Detroit to Norfolk: 603.8 mi.
Newark to Detroit: 604.7 mi.
Detroit to Charlotte: 626.9 mi.
Detroit to LA: 2,281.4 mi.
Boston to Detroit: 705.4 mi.

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