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Everyday people stream into and out of Florida, whether its for a business opportunity or a well earned vacation. They move with other weary travelers through airports, some choose to move through Amtrak, but the highways carry millions every year. Freight comes in and out of the state through air and trucks, highways and of course rail.

Thankfully, all of this traversal is made simple by Florida’s interstate highway system. Two interstates run north and south and then two more go est and west. The north to south interstate are —. To venture from east to west, use — which runs from Jacksonville to Pensacola and points west. Then the I-4 goes across the middle of the state, from I-95 on the east coast, moving through Orlando before finally ending in Tampa on the west coast.

Car transportation is a major part of the commercial traffic on the interstates, and for good reason. Everyday people are searching for new places to put down roots or somewhere exciting to explore. For instance someone may be moving to Houston but doesn’t want to drive to their new home (which is 870 miles from Jacksonville); another person could own a classic car and want to send it north to a show in Chicago (1,062 miles from Jacksonville). And then a car dealership might need to have one of their cars delivered to a buyer in Philadelphia(846 miles from Jacksonville)

There are two different major types of car transportation: enclosed and open. Open transportation is the most common and economical way, but its downside is that the car will be exposed to weather, road debris and etc. Enclosed transportation is the safest way to transport classic or expensive cars. You also have the option to choose where you want to have your vehicle delivered. For instance, you can have it shipped directly to your door or you could have it shipped to a terminal. This is a good idea if you live on a narrow street or somewhere that prohibits trucks.

If this is your first time shipping a car then you are bound to have a lot of questions. The experience and knowledgeable staff here at Direct Auto Transport can assists you in any way. And we can move more than just cars too and are experienced in transporting RVs, motorcycles and boats.

Additional mileage figures from Jacksonville to other major cities:

Jacksonville to NYC: 938 mi.
Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale: 808 mi.
Jacksonville to Atlanta: 345.8 mi.
Jacksonville to Detroit: 1,010.5 mi.
Jacksonville to Norfolk: 613 mi.
Jacksonville to Newark: 931 mi.
Jacksonville to Seattle: 2,989 mi.
Jacksonville to Charlotte: 383.8 mi.
Jacksonville to LA: 2,417 mi.
Jacksonville to Boston: 1,149.4 mi.
Phoenix to Jacksonville: 2,049 mi.

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