Moving Your Car To And From New York


If you plan on moving to New York, then there is already a great deal you have going on with the move. One thing you don’t have to worry about is how you’re going to move your car. Instead of wasting time, money and effort driving the car on your own, you should hire Direct Auto Transport to help with your move. We can move your car from anywhere in the US so that you don’t have to make the drive yourself.

In many cases, you may arrive in New York before your car does. If this happens, then you can take advantage of the wide range of public transit options available. New York’s famed subway can take you nearly anywhere, or you can just grab a taxi and get to your destination that way. And once your car does arrive, you’re going to need to know the major road ways that you will need to get around. These major interstates are: I-81, I-87, I-95, I-78, I-84, I-86, I-88 and I-90.

Now, to get your car to New York, the transport service will bring it to you from a variety of locations. What this does is save you time and money that would’ve been lost driving the car yourself. It also keeps your car in better condition. Here are some of the most common places people travel to New York and the mileage between:

Jacksonville to NYC – 935 miles
Chicago to NY City – 790 miles
Albany, NY to Philadelphia – 97 miles
Syracuse, NY to Columbus, OH – 560 miles

As you can see, it can save you a lot of time and quite a bit in gas money to have your car transported to or from these cities instead of driving it on your own. By using Direct Auto Transport, you can easily fly to NYC and prepare to move into your new home while someone else deals with getting your car to you.

If you’re moving to or from New York City, contact Direct Auto Transport to find out how simple it can be to have your car transported for you. We can provide a free quote and even help you schedule your move.

Additional mileage figures from NYC to other major cities:

NYC to Dallas: 1,547 mi.
Atlanta to NYC: 888 mi.
Detroit to NYC: 614.6 mi.
NYC to Norfolk, VA: 132.6 mi.
NYC to Newark: 10.3 mi.
NYC to Seattle: 2,852.0 mi.
Phoenix to NYC: 2,406.6 mi.
NYC to Charlotte: 629.7 mi.
Los Angeles to NYC: 2,781 miles
NYC To Boston: 214.8 mi.

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