Moving To Newark With Your Car

newarkskylineNew Jersey can be a great place to live, but it is true that more there can be a hassle, which is true of just about everywhere. You need a plan to get all of your personal items to your new home and that usually includes your vehicle. After all, it is much easier having your car delivered to your new domicile rather than driving it there yourself.

If you are moving to New Jersey, than it is a good idea to find out more about the different ways to get around prior to your arrival. This way, once your car is delivered you should be able to drive wherever you need. State roads, highways and interstates make up a lot of the local driving area in New Jersey. Alternative forms of transportation can be achieved through train, boat, bus or flying. And if you’re flying in, you will likely touch down in Teterboro Airport, and from there you can utilize a bevy of public transportation to get you to your new home before your car arrives.

To move your car to or from Newark, New Jersey you’re going to need a reliable car transporter to make sure your car arrives safe and sound. A company like Direct Auto Transport, we can move your vehicle to or from a number of large cities across the United States, saving you time, money and mileage on your car. Some of the most popular cities people transport their car, and the mileage between them and Newark include:

Newark to Charlotte – 634 mi.
Newark to Norfolk – 353 mi.
Newark to Seattle – 2.842 mi.
Newark to Boston – 225 mi.
Newark to Phoenix – 2,423 mi.
Newark to Philadelphia – 90 mi.

If you want to save money and time with your move to New Jersey then you should hire us. Because by hiring Direct Auto Transport, you can rest assured that professionals will be caring for your car so you can focus on the rest of your move. Call us right now to find out how we can help you moved your car to a new location.

Here are some more mileage figures from Newark to other major cities:

Newark to Dallas: 1,537.6 mi.
Newark to New Rochelle, NY: 11.4 mi.
Newark to Fort Lauderdale: 928.2 mi.
Chicago to Newark: 779.9 mi.
New Jersey to Columbus, OH: 523.9 mi.
Newark to Atlanta: 861.9 mi.
Newark to Detroit: 604.3 mi.
Los Angeles to Newark: 2,781 mi.

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