Getting to know Virginia and auto transportation


If you’re a new resident of Virginia, it is always a good idea to become acquainted with the the areas transportation systems. The Virginia Department of Transportation is third in the country when it comes to good highway systems, so let’s get to know more about them.

There are two north to south interstate highways in Virginia, these are: interstate 95 and interstate 81. These highways make road transport easier and allows for a good flow of traffic. The state also has both primary and secondary highways which provide an excellent road network. This is why we find it easier to transport cars from Virginia Beach to a number of cities such as: Charlotte, Detroit, Seattle, Boston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia.

Direct Auto Transport deals with Virginia Car Transportation and ships both new and old cars from one destination to another. Below are just a few facts that you should know about our transportation services.

Shipping Times

Once you hand over your car for shipping, it will take around 1-14 days to complete your shipment. It is important to note that the distance and number of cars being transported might affect the duration of the shipment. Here are just some estimates as to when you should expect your vehicle to arrive at any given destination.

5-8 days approximately from South to North
5-8 days approximately from Midwest to East Coast
7-14 days approximately from East Coat to West Coast

Auto Insurance Primer

Direct Auto Transport will provide insurance while the car is still in transit. This insurance covers any damages to the vehicle as a result of a road accident or mishandling. This is why it is important to complete a thorough inspection of your car prior to transit with the driver so you can properly ascertain the condition of the vehicle.

Mileage from Virginia Beach to other major cities:

Virginia Beach to Dallas: 1,384 mi.
Virginia Beach to NYC: 365.2 mi.
Virginia Beach to Jacksonville: (630.2 mi.
Chicago to Virginia Beach: 898.5 mi.
Virginia Beach to Philadelphia: 279.9 mi.
Virginia Beach to Columbus: 583.4 mi.
Virginia Beach to Atlanta: 583.6 mi.
Virginia Beach to Newark: 357.1 mi.
Phoenix to Virginia Beach: 2,350 mi.
Las Vegas to Virginia Beach: 2,719 mi.
Virginia Beach to Boston: 578.3 mi.
Virginia Beach to Charlotte: 342.4 mi.
Michigan to Virginia: 722 mi.
Virginia to Washington State: 2,944 mi.

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